Yogurt and berry Parfait

    As Donkey once said in Shrek: "Who doesn't love parfait?" I certainly do. This recipe is officially the easiest one I've posted so far. The reason for that is that it's Mother's Day tomorrow and this one is something that the kids can whip up for Mom, without having to touch the stove. The only element that involves cooking is the strawberry coulis. You can find the recipe for that in my last post for French toast. You can use a good quality strawberry jam instead, but the coulis is easy to make and is guaranteed to taste better than any store-bought jam.

Start to finish: 5 minutes. Serves 4


300ml Vanilla yogurt
100ml Strawberry coulis
8 ladyfingers
1 cup fresh strawberries, quartered
1 cup blue berries
1 sprig of fresh mint

Cut 4 of the lady fingers into small cubes and then place them in the bottom of a glass (I used wine glasses.) Add a few strawberries and blueberries and then a layer of strawberry coulis. Alternate layers of yogurt and strawberry coulis until the glass is full. Garnish with more fresh berries, one whole ladyfinger and a few mint leaves.


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